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Can I buy directly as an end customer (consumer)?
Our distribution is done exclusively through the specialist electrician and installation companies. This guarantees the correct planning and design of the components and the professional assembly, mains connection and commissioning.
How do I find a Sunlumo/Sigenergy installer in my area?
If you are interested in our products, send us a short message with your address and we will name our partners in your area. Your address will not be forwarded.
How can I become a Sunlumo Partner?
Please register in our system by filling out all the required fields and we will get in touch with you with further steps.
Are there any public subsidies for the products?
In Europe, there are many different funding programs that vary greatly depending on the country. For Austria, you can get an overview of the funding opportunities in the funding compass of the association PV Austria: https://pvaustria.at/foerderungen/
Is a retrofit with batteries from a system built with only one inverter possible later?
Yes this is possible. If currently no batteries are installed, but the option for later should exist then the Sigenergy hybrid inverter is the right device. This can later be upgraded to an energy controller with batteries with additional software.
Can inverters from other manufacturers be equipped with Sigenergy batteries?
No, this is not possible. Sigenergy inverters only work with Sigenergy batteries and vice versa.
Are Sigenergy products registered on the Austrian TOR list?
Yes, all inverters are registered on the TOR list. The necessary documents and data sheets can be found on our website under Downloads.
Where can I find prices for all products?
As a professional company (electrician, solar installer) please register in our system and we will contact you to discuss further steps. As an end customer, send us a short message with your address and we will name our partners in your area. They can then provide you with prices for your request. Your address will not be passed on.
How long is delivery time on the products?
Usually all products are in stock and can be delivered immediately. An exact info about the availability is available for registered customers in our online ordering system.
Can the SigenStor be loaded asymmetrically in backup mode?
In backup mode or with the zero export setting, each three-phase SigenStor can permanently supply up to one third of its power per phase on the AC side without one of the other phases being loaded, e.g. a 10 kW device can supply a single-phase load with up to 3.3 kW if enough PV power and/or battery power is available.
What is the nominal power in back-up mode?
In backup mode, the SigenStor can provide its nominal power permanently and for 10s up to 150% of the rated power. Again, the only requirement is that enough PV power and/or battery power is available. The battery power is only used if the PV power is not sufficient. If the PV power is greater than the AC-side requirement, the battery is charged (even in backup mode).
Can three-phase current also be provided from the SigenSor in back-up mode?
Three-phase current, e.g. for the operation of three-phase heat pump compressors, can also be provided in backup mode.
Is the SigenStor black start capable?
Black start capable: As soon as a specific battery charge level is reached, the backup supply will be automatically resumed. In this process, the learned load profile and the expected PV (photovoltaic) performance should also be taken into account. The final tuning of the individual functions for controlling the backup operation is not yet complete. With the next software update at the end of November, these functions will be activated.
Do I need an extra license to be able to use bidirectional charging?
No additional license is required for the Sigenergy DC Charger. However, the vehicle must be suitable for bidirectional charging and approved by the car manufacturer. It is best to clarify the details with your car dealer.
Can PV module optimizers be used in combination with the SigenStor?
Tests are currently being carried out with various optimizers. Information on which optimizers the system can be equipped with will be available from around the end of April.
Do the SigenStor and the generator run in parallel in backup power mode?
Parallel operation of PV and external generator is possible. In this case, grid is disconnected from the system and generator serves as the grid. SigenStor automatically measures the voltage and frequency of generator and adjusts its output power to make sure its power not higher than the needed power by loads. SigenStor and generator can provide power to loads at the same time.
Are surge protectors (SPDs) integrated into the EC Energy Controller?
Yes, SPDs are integrated on the DC and AC side. However, local standards and implementation regulations must be observed. In some cases, an additional SPD must be installed at the roof entry for cable lengths over 10 m on the DC side.
How do I access the Sunlumo Energy forum?
Log in to the Sunlumo Shop page as usual with your username and password (https://shop.sunlumo-energy.com). Then click on 'Forum' in the top right corner.

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