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mySigen App

mySigen App

Everything within touches.

A powerful app that will help your customers understand and track all the numbers, manage them in real time, and optimize their home’s energy performance thanks to AI-powered suggestions.

The mySigen App offers detailed views and settings on every aspect of the installed system and devices. It allows you to initiate a system self-check to detect any issues that may require attention. Any home energy system can be customized via the app to attain optimal energy usage and electricity savings. It enables you to control and adjust ambient lighting as well.

  • Installer friendly
  • Intelligent optimization suggestions on system mode, battery capacity and energy usage
  • AI-driven self-service and remote support
  • Local service provider search
  • Submitting service requests with ease

Installer friendly app

With mySigen installer app, professionals get to enjoy instant system commissioning in less than 5 minutes by following a simple 5 step process.

The app also enables installers to conveniently monitor and track all installed systems as well as provide remote services if needed.

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